Who we are...

Meet Birchwood Advisory, a one-man venture with over 20 years of experience in the mining industry. Our founder has worked in various roles and settings, from mine expansion projects to maintenance and turnaround roles spanning both surface and underground mines. With a rich career spanning Africa, North America, and exposure to Australia and South America, he brings a wealth of earned insights and practical knowledge. Birchwood Advisory is the culmination of these experiences, offering specialized consulting and advisory services in mobile equipment maintenance management and planning

yellow and black heavy equipment
yellow and black heavy equipment

Our mission

We are on a mission to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile equipment maintenance and planning in the mining industry. We aim to reduce waste, optimize resources, and provide strategic advisory support. Inspired by the resilience of Birch trees, we help clients thrive in challenging conditions and contribute to a sustainable future.

Our vision

Our vision is to narrow the gap between today's large mobile equipment maintenance practices and a more sustainable future. By fostering a community that combines the energy of youth, the wisdom of experience, and the power of technology, we aim to drive progress and build a better, more efficient tomorrow.

yellow and black heavy equipment on brown sand under blue sky during daytime
yellow and black heavy equipment on brown sand under blue sky during daytime

Our founder

Meet the driving force behind Birchwood Advisory, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the mining industry. His journey spans across continents, from Africa to North America, with dashes of Australia and South America in the mix. He has worn many hats - from working on mine expansion projects and managing open pit mining maintenance to advisory and turnaround roles. His diverse experience, coupled with a deep understanding of mobile equipment maintenance, forms the backbone of Birchwood Advisory.

His vision? To harmonize technology, team, and industry, fostering a community that drives progress and builds a more efficient future.

Willie Jacobs